Emergency contact information

Please see below our timescales for repairs:

Emergency repairs – 24 hours
(Affecting health or safety e.g. major electrical fault, blocked WC, broken glass or security issue).

Urgent repairs – 5 working days
(Affecting material comfort e.g. hot water, heating or fridge failure, serious roof leak).

Other non-urgent repairs – 20 working days
(e.g. washing machine fault, fences, showers etc.)

Our emergency numbers for rmaintenance issues that cannot wait until we are open is:

In first instance please send text to 07495905569 with details of your name, address and problem.

If you don’t get a response please call emergency contractor Neil of NT Property Services 07854762321 who can cover most issues etc for those detailed below.

If your issue is:

Electrical please contact Daren Long 07971507791

Blocked drains or sewerage Dave Smith 07580873067/01454777826

Break in that requires securing or emergency locksmith 07907154377/01179622175

GAS LEAK – contact transco on 0800111999

Boiler/plumbing issues

Gasline 07809362796 (Carl@gaslinebristol.com)


Russ Hudd  07866497553 (russellhudd@hotmail.co.uk)

IMPORTANT: You may be liable for the emergecny call out charge if you have not followed the advice this page or that given over the phone.