Our office will be closed from 1pm On Friday 23rd December until 9.00am on Tuesday 3rd January. Our answer machine will be checked on 28th, 29th & 30th December 2016. For non-urgent items please leave a message for us. Only emergency maintenance will be carried out during this time. Please make sure you are familiar with the information below:

If you have any emergency repair (see below):

Electrical fault please call DCL Electrical 07971507791 (If all your power has gone sockets and lights this is most likely a power cut and our electrician will not be able to resolve this. Please check with neighbours and call Western Power Distribution  0800 6783 105)

Boiler issues or plumbing (leak) Gas safe 07886784519 or 0117 9640078

Locksmith Bristol locksmith – If you have locked yourself out or lost your keys you will be liable for the invoice cost. 07907154377 or 0117 962 2175.

If your property gets broken into and needs emergency boarding up (smashed window) please call AA glazing 07885163583

Blocked drains please call Elite Hygiene Services -07850873067

If you smell gas call National Grid 0800111999 without delay.

Please see below our timescales for repairs:

HEATING AND HOT WATER – Please be aware that there will be no one working Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day for heating and hot water problems. Boiler issues should be reported during working hours as parts are unavailable after this. Therefore, no one will be able to attend until the next working day.

Please make sure you are familiar with your boiler and you know how to top up the pressure. You can find instructions for you boiler on the internet by searching the make and model that will explain how to do this if you are unsure. If you still cannot find these details let us know and we will try to help.

Water Leak Please make sure you know how to turn your water off to the property, as in the event of a water leak you will be expected to do this until a contractor can arrive.

Emergency repairs – 24 hours
(Affecting health or safety e.g. major electrical fault, blocked WC).
Urgent repairs – 5 working days
(Affecting material comfort e.g. hot water, heating or fridge failure,
serious roof leak).
Other non-urgent repairs – 20 working days

(e.g. washing machine fault, fences, showers etc.)

If you need to make a rental payment and we are closed please send via your bank to:

SORT CODE:  77 73 03


Quote your name and address as reference.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Kind Regards,

Trudie Burge
Maintenance Manager
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Carbon monoxide detectors became law for rented property from 1st October 2015

Why do you need to install a CO detector?
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents reports that there are approximately 50 deaths per year and over 1100 hospital admissions annually as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a tasteless, colourless and odourless gas that is produced by incomplete combustion. A common source of CO in a domestic property would be a faulty appliance such as a boiler.

Statistics show that residents of privately rented accommodation account for a much greater proportion of annual carbon monoxide incidents than could be expected. A report by the Gas Safety Trust into carbon monoxide risks per housing sector showed that the likelihood of an incident in privately rented accommodation was significantly higher than that associated with any other housing sector. According to statistics gathered since 1998 residents of rental properties are on average three times more likely to suffer a CO related incident.

Although landlords are already obliged to have a yearly check carried out on any gas appliances, this alone cannot guarantee protection from carbon monoxide. The installation of a CO detector is quick, easy and cheap, and ensures your tenants are protected from what is often referred to as the ‘silent killer’.

Current advice from the Health and Safety Executive already states that a CO detector should be installed in rental properties, but this has always been down to the discretion of each landlord or letting agent. From October 2015 it will become law that that any high risk room, i.e. those containing a heating appliance, must have a CO detector installed.

What happens if you don’t act on these changes?
Failing to comply with the legislation planned to come into force from the 10th of October 2015 will leave you open to a penalty of up to £5000.