In order to let your property there are certain certificates and paperwork that are required:

  • EPC (energy performance certificate) costs approx. £70.00 We cannot advertise a property to let without this certificate. If you have purchased or let the property in the past 10 years then you should still have this certificate. If not we can arrange for you.
  • Gas Certificate – must be completed by the competent Gasafe registered engineer
  • PAT certificate – portable appliances must be tested at the plug to ensure they are safe for the tenants to use.
  • Carbon Monoxide and smoke alarms – a certificate showing that these are in working order.

SAFETY TIP: Ensure that all instruction booklets and manuals for appliances are available at the property for the tenants’ reference. If you can, take a photocopy and make up a booklet.

Once the property is let you must place or register the deposit within one of the 3 government approved schemes with 30 days of receiving the money. We use